Tutoring tailored to individual student needs

  • Small group numbers of no more than five students

  • Well qualified teachers (fully DBS certified and school leaders)

  • Wealth of teaching experience in Worcester schools

  • Structured programme of study across academic year

  • Online resources to support learning at home

  • Positive and supportive learning environment

  • Track record of tutoring success



Our approach to tuition

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Success is achieved through a series of small steps consistently taken over time. Our tuition is centred around this theme and each week students build their scientific understanding through a variety of tried and tested approaches to learning.

Success stories

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Learn about students who have received tutoring from our team and the improvements they have made to their self study skills and exam performance.

Our community

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Our community is growing, with an increasing presence on Facebook and a raised awareness of what we can offer students in the Worcester area. Find out more about the services we provide and how we can help any student improve, regardless of their starting point or target grade.


“Omar has really helped my daughter to build her confidence with physics. He has been patient, kind and has made the curriculum fun and interesting. He has worked with her methodically to fill gaps in her knowledge. We have been really happy.”

Sarah Warren, Parent